Next Generation

Next Generation is an interactive education program that uses experiential learning activities to help high school students engage with the challenging concepts of identity, prejudice and discrimination in Canada.

In response to school closures during COVID-19, we are offering all our curricular materials for free through Google Classroom. Teachers and parents, feel free to use any of our interactive modules, thought-provoking questions, and creative projects with your students and teenagers! Our Google Classroom code is exc2xll.

We are still accepting in-school workshop bookings for AFTER April 13th.


Next Generation

The Next Generation program applies our Mosaic Model of Dialogue to develop the skills and qualities in youth to become the next generation of leaders in conflict resolution, inclusion, and pluralism.

Through our in-school program, we provide students with the space to explore their own identities and biases, learn about the histories and cultures of others and to feel confident in their ability to engage in respectful dialogue and resolve conflicts. The Next Generation curriculum also helps students to examine their relationship with Canada’s Indigenous peoples and inspires them to activate their Canadian and global citizenship.


Following the core curriculum, students have an opportunity to showcase their newly gained knowledge through the development and implementation of social action projects. These student-led initiatives are a way for participants to help others, build relationships and collaborate to have a material impact on dismantling prejudice in their school and in the broader community.

Our award-winning culturally relevant curriculum meets Ontario and British Columbia education standards through activities highlighting leadership, critical thinking, and respectful dialogue. Whether it is learning about population history through the story of the Komagata Maru or analyzing socio-economic trends through shadeism, these students are engaging in critical conversations about what it means to be a young Canadian – developing ideas and skills they will carry with them through their high school experience and beyond.

“Open dialogue is something that isn’t always practiced and getting the opportunity to tackle these systemic issues is important and invaluable” – Participating Student, 2018


We are convinced that pluralism is a companion to peace rather than a challenge to it. Since 2011, we have engaged over 1400 students and 24 different schools in both British Columbia and Ontario with the aim of promoting pluralism and reducing social division. Over 40 coaches and teachers, along with numerous artists, community partners and champions of social change have been involved in this award-winning program.

Impact to date:

  • 79% increase in students feeling like they “have the ability to challenge unfairness and injustice, such as poverty and discrimination.”
  • 48% increase in students feeling like they can “have close personal friendships with people from ethnic, racial, or cultural communities other than my own.”
  • 23% increase in participants saying they would know how to use their privilege to support marginalized groups.
  • 19% increase in participants understanding the relationship between power and racism.
  • 17% increase in participants feeling themselves to be an active citizen in their community.

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