New Beginnings

New Beginnings uses the Mosaic Model of Dialogue to foster greater social cohesion and inter-community understanding among youth. These dialogues are community-driven and informed by diverse lived experiences. They offer our young people a forum through which they can work across community lines to identify common Canadian responses to their shared areas of conflict. In this way, they strengthen their attachment to each other as Canadians and global citizens.

New Beginnings is an investment in young Canadians to adopt the universal principles of equal rights, human rights, democracy, and nonviolent conflict resolution for humanity’s common future. Our innovative approach to dialogue has proven effective at reducing the intractability of participants by emphasizing their commonalities.


The Mosaic Model of Dialogue


The Mosaic Institute is now expanding this model to bring together diverse Canadian communities that have experienced various levels and types of conflict, to discuss ways in which their communities’ shared experiences have affected their lives in Canada.

Past Mosaic New Beginnings Projects include the Young Canadians’ Peace Dialogue on Sri Lanka (Toronto; 2009-2012) and the Young Canadians’ Peace Dialogue on China and Tibet (Toronto & Calgary; 2012 – 2014).

Through community service projects, New Beginnings supported the construction of hundreds of water wells and sanitation facilities for IDPs being resettled in the Vanni region of northeastern Sri Lanka, and sent rural Tibetan youth to high school, qualifying them for university studies in Sichuan, China.

All past Mosaic New Beginnings Dialogues have also resulted in evidence-based policy documents and/or publications aimed at relevant Canadian decision makers.

New Beginnings fosters greater social cohesion and inter-community understanding among youth through participatory action and dialogue. These conversations are community-driven and informed by diverse lived experiences and perspectives – demonstrating that often, difference can be the solution.

COMING SOON: We are now expanding this model as part of the Mosaic Institute’s efforts to engage with Canada’s indigenous communities.


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