Akaash MaharajChief Executive Officer (Ext 620)

Akaash has a lifelong passion for peacemaking, and for building mutual understanding between peoples and nations. He has addressed the United Nations on international prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity, and his articles have been published by newspapers in every populated continent.  He has also been a broadcast essayist with TVOntario’s “The Agenda”.

Outside of his professional life, he is an active athlete.  He was a triple gold medalist at the International Championships of Equestrian Skill‑at‑Arms, and subsequently led the Canadian Equestrian team and federation as CEO, to the team’s most successful Olympics and Paralympics of all time.

He earned his Master of Arts from Oxford University, in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and he was the first overseas student elected President of the student government in Oxford’s history.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, of the Royal Asiatic Society, and of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Akaash has been decorated twice in Canada’s national honours, for his work on peace in the Middle East and for services to integrity in international sport.  He was also commissioned a Kentucky Colonel, the state’s highest honour, for his contributions to global affairs.

Wendy Sung-Aad, Vice President (Ext 610)

Wendy has dedicated her professional life to advancing peace and justice, with a background in feminism, anti-racism, and the eradicating all forms of violence. She brings with her a wealth of experience in helping both international and community-based charitable organizations establish successful development and partnership practices.

Wendy holds a BA in Communications from the University of Toronto, and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Public Policy from the University of International Business and Economics in China. Wendy is a consummate relationship-builder, who is dedicated to smashing injustice in all its forms.

Outside of work, Wendy will travel long distances for a great cup of coffee or tea. She enjoys learning about ancient cultures, re-reading classics, and following what’s new in science and technology. In addition to her family and friends, Wendy dotes on her two sea-turtles affectionately nicknamed ‘Tutu’ and ‘Gala’.

Rachel Mansell, Vice President, Operations (Ext 680)

Rachel is a detail oriented, people-focused strategist, with a passion for conflict resolution practised through the lenses of human rights, diversity, and inclusion.

She completed her education at Western University (2006) and the University of Toronto (2013). Since inaugurating Mosaic’s Master of Global Affairs internship in 2012, Rachel has held a number of positions at Mosaic including Project Coordinator, Executive Assistant/Project Officer, Operations Manager, and Volunteer.  In between, she has applied her skills: in the UK, at the University of Oxford’s Linacre College Development and College Office; in Toronto, at York University’s Centre for Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion; and in Montréal, at Testfire Labs.

Rachel speaks English, French, and Spanish.  She is thrilled to be back home in Toronto. When she isn’t at Mosaic, Rachel enjoys experimenting in her kitchen, raising her puppy, and spending time with family and friends.

Olga Osmushina, Program Coordinator, UofMosaic  (Ext 670)

Olga is the UofMosaic Program Coordinator with a passion for driving positive social change. She holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Studies from the University of Ottawa and has extensive experience working with youth and delivering youth-oriented programs. Olga draws her expertise in stakeholder relations, fundraising, and project management from her time with nonprofit and NGO leaders. In her free time, she is actively seeking opportunities to help to make the world better every day by volunteering for different charities, but can also be found skateboarding on the Toronto Islands.