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Champions Getting Together to Give

The Mosaic CHAMPIONS’ Circle

As our society grows more complex and the need for greater economic and social opportunity more pronounced, the work of the Mosaic Institute is ever more essential. Each day, we work to effect significant and lasting changes to dismantle prejudice and prejudgment.

But in order to tackle the huge, complicated problems affecting the lives of all of us, we need the support of others. This is why we invite you to become a MOSAIC CHAMPION.

Become a member of our Champions’ Circle through a minimum annual gift of $1,000, or the best way to support our work is through a monthly gift of $85 to our CHAMPIONS’ CIRCLE. Monthly members spread their support over small monthly installments and gives the Institute a dependable base of support to count on.

Through the power of collective giving, members will further our ability for social action to influence meaningful change.

If we each give a little, we all get a lot. Together, with you as our CHAMPION, we will continue to do more with less, channeling our resources into innovative ways of ‘thinking and doing’, -through our award- winning programs for young Canadians, our cutting-edge research, and generating new ideas by sharing our knowledge and experience.

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