The Mosaic Institute

Sri Lanka Tour: A Report by Trip Delegates


Shortly after the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009, the Mosaic Institute brought together young Canadians of Tamil, Sinhalese, and Muslim Sri Lankan descent to engage in a constructive conversation regarding several post-war issues in Sri Lanka. Drawing on shared Canadian values of participants, the dialogue series aimed to increase the levels of trust between these communities that have been historically divided. At the end of the dialogue series, a group of participants committed to advance their vision for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka by building water wells for families who are directly affected by the war. After the fundraising goal was met, with the funding support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and international Trade (DFAIT) and the Eagle Down Foundation, the Mosaic Institute created an opportunity for the team to visit the potential sites where the wells were to be built as well as to learn about the current social, political, and economic situation in Sri Lanka. The "Sri Lanka Tour 2012" took place from July 15-28, 2012.