The Mosaic Institute

A “Smart Map” of the Sudanese Diaspora in Canada


The Smart Map of the Sudanese Diaspora in Canada project was commissioned and sponsored by the Sudan Task Force of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and conducted by the Mosaic Institute. This final report is intended to sketch the basic social and demographic characteristics of the Sudanese diaspora in Canada, explore the foreign policy positions and priorities of Sudanese-Canadians, and document their collective and individual capacities to enhance Canadian foreign policy towards Sudan. It is hoped that the final product will enable the Canadian government to make better use of the Sudanese “citizen experts” present in Canada, assist Sudanese-Canadians in engaging the Canadian government as well as making use of their professional and educational credentials, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of Canada’s official activities in Sudan.

This is the first report, to the authors’ knowledge, which analyzes and catalogues the individual and collective capacities of the Sudanese Diaspora to participate in the formulation of foreign policy towards Sudan. This research should be read as an important first step towards a robust and mutually-beneficial relationship between the official foreign policy-making community in Ottawa and Sudanese-Canadian communities across the country.