The Mosaic Institute


We are currently designing a Digital Learning Hub that will allow students & teachers to engage with the Next Generation program online and collaborate with likeminded young people across Canada.

The Next Gen Digital Learning Hub is a student-centred, innovative and interactive platform that allows students to connect with each other, share ideas and opinions, and develop social action projects.

Youth can learn and engage through our interdisciplinary, empathy-based and culturally relevant and responsive online module series embedded in the Hub. We partner with educators to customize modules to meet the needs of your students, curricular expectations, and school. The Hub will also offer professional development learning opportunities for teachers to become a Next Gen certified educator.

All of our modules focus on the 21st century learner and leader. Through our program, we have taken inquiry-based and project-based learning approaches to learning in order to foster empathy, cultural competency, media literacy, digital citizenship and other leadership skills and qualities sought after in the 21st century. Our program incorporates experience from Canadian schools with regard to online hate and social media use to advance  The Mosaic Institute's  mission for bringing people together.

The Hub develops media literacy skills by modelling and providing students with opportunities to practise responsible digital citizenship that is required for engaging on social media platforms in the 21st century.

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