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Autumn 2020 Update


Team Update

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The Mosaic Institute is seeking a qualified, dynamic and highly-motivated candidate to join our team as Manager, Development & Public Engagement. The purpose of the Manager, Development & Public Engagement is to develop relationships with donors and prospects and represent the work of The Mosaic Institute.

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Team Update

We bid farewell to our Summer interns, and welcomed 4 Fall student interns: Astrid Ling, Peace, Conflict and Justice; Sam Lorinc, Community Research Partnerships in Ethics Program; Michael Tolkunow, Peace, Conflict and Justice; and Amy Xie, Communication, Culture, Information and Technology.

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Next Generation

We’ve Expanded our Next Generation Team!

Next Generation welcomes: Stephanie T, Hub Lead; Angela, Educator Network Lead; Raagini, Virtual Workshops & Facilitation Lead; Cheyanne, Community Outreach & Events Lead; Lakhdeep, Facilitator; and Anke, Facilitator!

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Digital Learning Hub Update

Next Gen has spent the last few months creating our Digital Learning Hub! The Hub is a student-centred, interactive platform that allows students to connect with each other, share ideas and opinions, and develop social action projects.

Module topics include: self-care & collective care, trauma & mental health, peace from the inside out, navigating disagreements and conflicts, social movements & social change, the root causes of violence, and civic engagement.

We are currently looking to collaborate with educators who will test the hub with their students and provide us with feedback before we launch in 2021.

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UofMosaic Fellows participated in a series of workshops:

Decolonizing Engagement and Futures Thinking & Restorative Practice, delivered by Samantha Matters from Future Ancestors.

Acknowledging Harm of Systemic Racism & Anti-Racism As Restorative Practice, delivered by Larissa Crawford, founder of Future Ancestors.

Conversations with Extraordinary People with Award winning author, journalist and human rights activist Sally Armstrong.

Identity and Environmental Racism in Canada and Climate Change to Climate Justice, delivered by Chúk Odenigbo from Future Ancestors.

Conversations with Extraordinary People with Tim Arnold, a leadership development and teambuilding expert.

Autumn Highlights

ICC 6 Degrees Conference Mosaic acted as a Knowledge Partner for the ICC 6 Degrees Conference. Next Generation Program Manager Erica Altomare lead a coffeehouse discussion on re-imagining education and re-thinking what education is for during this time. Mosaic CEO Akaash Maharaj held a coffeehouse discussion on creating a more equitable world.

Constitutional Democracy in Distress (DemocracyXChange Festival) Our Mosaic in Dialogue event was part of the DemocracyXChange Festival! Peter L. Biro and Sabreena Delhon joined Akaash Maharaj in conversation on how COVID-19 has affected democracy; how to include all voices in democratic discussion; access to justice; and more.

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Other Events:

  • 3 September: Council of Europe consultations about inclusive policy implementation (how to engage people on difficult conversations on highly sensitive topics when a single decision is needed)
  • 7 September: Sport Integrity Global Alliance Panel about drawing on our common values of universal human rights across community of nations (how to move from words to deeds; motivating people across cultures & borders to enforce laws & policies grounded in universal human rights)
  • 10-11 September: UN Environment Panel on how to engage citizens across the world on climate issues (how to mobilize different groups towards a common cause)
  • 23 September: Consultation with Royal Canadian Geographic Society on Indigenous Peoples’ Atlas of Canada
  • 16 October: Guest lecture about inclusion & intercultural understanding in the agricultural sector
  • 20 October: York University Guest Lecture, Music Composition on the ability of arts & music to reduce cross-cultural barriers; navigating cultural appropriation vs inclusion
  • 22 October: Commonwealth Parliamentary Association on inter-parliamentary collaborations to reduce state-sponsored discrimination in Commonwealth states, against sexual minorities.
  • 31 October-1 November: G20 “Think20” meeting of civil society & think tanks to seek input on upcoming G20 agenda
  • 12 November: Canadian International Council Panel on inclusive democracies & populism
  • 12 November: Metropolis conference on resilient non-profits (report forthcoming)
  • 14 November: Capital One Digital For Good Tech Jam, on pivoting in-person programming online

Upcoming Events

Next Gen Educator Network

2021 will be an exciting year for Next Gen, as we will also be launching an Educator Network for teachers engaged in peace and justice education. The team is currently recording a series of professional development modules for teachers that will be turned into a course for our Educator Network. Module themes include transformative justice, trauma-informed education, intersectionality in the classroom, fostering brave spaces and teaching for peace in a world of conflict. From November until June, we will be releasing resources.

Community Outreach and Events

The Next Gen team is currently planning a monthly event that will showcase community organizations, youth groups and folks who model the Mosaic model of dialogue, research and action through their work. We want to give young people examples of what social change, peace and justice look like in their communities and how they can get involved. These monthly events will use different themes and topics to do just that. Our first event will be in January 2021.

If you are interested, check out our Back to School Newsletter and/or subscribe to future Next Gen updates each month!

Upcoming in the Community

The Hot Docs Podcast Career Accelerator

The Hot Docs Podcast Career Accelerator will welcome a cohort of 70 emerging Canadian audio creators between the ages of 18 and 34 to the virtual edition of the Hot Docs Podcast Festival from January 27-29, 2021. Learn More.

What Do We Do Tomorrow with Hannah Sung

6 Degrees, with The Walrus Lab, is bringing you a new podcast that keeps things simple: What Do We Do Tomorrow? Join host Hannah Sung as she asks this question to people with big ideas so bold, well, they just might work. Subscribe.

Schooling for Life Employability Skills Survey

SfL is a not-for-profit organization based in Sierra Leone that prepares underprivileged youth for the job market. SfL is seeking feedback from people/organizations working in low- and middle-income countries to inform their process of moving towards a paid, online employability skills training model. Their goal is to increase youth employability and upskilling the existing workforce across low- and middle-income countries. Learn More.

J-Flix, TJFF's Free Online Archive

J-Flix is on the TJFF Virtual Cinema Platform that was used for the festival and it’s easier than ever to watch the 130+ free titles, featuring Jewish-content festival favourites from TJFF's past 28 years. New films are added weekly and anyone can sign up now to start watching. Sign up.