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Members of the Project’s Steering Committee with John Monahan, Executive Director of the Mosaic Institute
On June 10, the leadership of the Mosaic Institute announced the Institute’s latest community-based project at a private reception attended by a diverse array of more than 45 members of Toronto’s Jewish community. “New Beginnings”: The Young Canadians’ Intra-Jewish Peace Dialogue on the Middle East, will be a two-year intra-community dialogue led by a Steering Committee that will eventually be comprised of up to 20 young adults representing a wide range of positions with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Several members of the Steering Committee (pictured above) were among those who attended the reception.
This project is the Mosaic Institute’s response to calls from several members of the Jewish community to create a platform for facilitated, peace-focused conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The initiative will seek to engage as many as 200 young Jewish adults from across the Greater Toronto Area in large-group and small-group dialogue activities with the objective of increasing intra-community trust, and advancing a common peace agenda. The project will also include a community service component through which Dialogue participants will work together to support the peace-related activities of a yet-to-be-determined NGO in the Middle East. A core group of participants will travel to the region to witness the impact of the NGO’s work, engage in dialogue with various stakeholders, and draft recommendations for interested parties.
The reception, held at the home of Debra Campbell, a member of Mosaic’s Advisory Council, and her husband Barry, was a good opportunity to answer questions about the project. Overall, there was agreement was that this Dialogue has great potential to “change the conversation” about the conflict among Toronto’s young Jewish adults. The Mosaic Institute reiterated its commitment to providing a neutral and safe space for the Dialogue to take place, and to supporting the project’s Steering Committee in its efforts to bring their community together in support of a common peace agenda throughout the Dialogue.
The Mosaic Institute is currently raising funds to enable this exciting initiative. Please contact Wendy Sung-Aad, our Director of Development, for more information. Wendy can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 416-644-6000 ext. 610.
The Young Canadians’ Intra-Jewish Peace Dialogue on the Middle East is a project of the Mosaic Institute’s “New Beginnings” program. Since 2009, the program has created dialogue-to-action opportunities for hundreds of young adults with family or community connections to entrenched overseas conflicts, including those related to Sri Lanka and China’s Tibetan Plateau.