Vahan Kololian, Chairman of The Mosaic Institute

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Dear Friends of The Mosaic Institute,

Our beloved friend and mentor Ed Safarian passed away on January 29th at the age of 92. He led an active life right to the end. We will miss his ever-present warm smile, his wise counsel and his unique sense of humour. Ed had a remarkable ability to dissect a complex issue into its constituent parts and present an analysis or a solution which would leave the listener in a magical aha moment. His accomplishments in academia, government and social policy, are legendary. He was extremely proud of his family, his parents, and the family that he and his late wife Joan built together.

The newly formed Mosaic Institute in 2007 had the good fortune of having Ed join its founding board. He was a great contributor in so many ways, most notably his spirit, where he supported whole heartedly the mission of the Institute and became its ambassador at large throughout his extensive network.

On a personal note, as a fellow Canadian of Armenian origin, he fervently supported Mosaic’s efforts at dialogue and reconciliation between the Canadian Turkish and Armenian communities, in the hope that Turks and Armenians, throughout the world,  could overcome the historic atrocities committed during the Ottoman era against the Armenians, and to start a new chapter in our relations.

Ed was a great man. He will be missed immensely.  Below is a link to Ed’s Obituary.

Vahan Kololian
Chairman, The Mosaic Institute