Dear Friends,

September 21st marks International Peace Day. This is a time of the year to remember those millions of people around the world for whom armed conflict remains a daily threat and a deadly reality. It also reminds us to recommit to the relentless advancement of the cause of peace.

This is why I am part of the Student Advisory Committee at the Mosaic Institute. I’m committed to doing my part to promote peace around the world- starting right here at home in Canada.

I believe that Canadians whose families have fled violent conflict and have found refuge in Canada have a tremendous opportunity to inform Canada’s engagement with those regions they have left behind. We have a unique role to play in reimagining and reinvigorating Canada’s commitment to modelling the twin values of peace and pluralism to a skeptical world. But in order for peace to replace conflict, we must embrace and celebrate diversity in Canada by building bridges of understanding among different peoples.

This is exactly what the Mosaic Institute does. The Mosaic Institute is an award-winning “think and do” tank that engages Canadians of diverse backgrounds in the promotion of peace. They conduct research that informs public discussions about how Canadians can help build a more cohesive Canada and a more peaceful world. They also offer specialized programs for students in high school (Next Generation), university (UofMosaic), and young adults (New Beginnings) that builds trust through dialogue, promote social cohesion and creates opportunities to engage in globally-minded service projects.

Just this past year, with programming delivered in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia, hundreds of young Canadians like me have benefitted from programs that help to bridge divides, inspire leadership, and encourage our civic engagement and active global citizenship. We represent Canada’s future generation of global peace builders.

The Mosaic Institute needs our help to continue its research and programs. Your gift of $35, $75, $100 or whatever you can provide will help the Mosaic Institute to continue its work inspiring and challenging other young Canadians like me. I am asking you to take action now and show your belief in the power of Canada’s mosaic to help change the world. Watch my video and click the Donate Now button at

In Peace,

Abdi Hersi

Graduate Student

University of Toronto School of Public Policy