At a time when we are witness to the warning signs of rising intolerance, bigotry and hatred, we need to champion civility and humanity.

The Mosaic Institute is committed to dismantling prejudice by revealing all the ways that our differences are benefits, not barriers. If we can make it easier for each of us to experience how our differences make us stronger, more vital, more interesting, and yes, more prosperous – then we can create a future of cherishing differences, not fearing or silencing them.

So this holiday season The Mosaic Institute has created a compendium of things to read, to experience, to eat, and to enjoy, that are slightly different – things you might otherwise not know about.
We want to make it easy for you to explore the world of amazing differences.

The Mosaic Team wishes you a spectacular holiday, and a new year where we move beyond fear and prejudice and create a world where our differences are our most respected and valued assets.

Experience Difference through the Mosaic Difference Sylloge here.