2016 Citizen Summit

Refugees in the 21st Century: Who’s Responsible? Whose Responsibility?

Saturday November 5, 2016 | Thomson House, McGill University |  Montréal, Québec



Call for Workshop Proposals

The Mosaic Institute is pleased to announce that the call for workshop proposals for the 2016 Citizen Summit on the topic of Refugees in the 21st Century is now open! Proposals due Friday September 23rd. Please see below for full details.

About the Citizen Summit

The Biennial Citizen Summit presents a unique opportunity for students, researchers, academics, journalists, activists, diaspora voices, community members, and artists to gather in an interdisciplinary setting to learn, confront and effectively address pressing global issues. The day-long Summit features speakers, exhibits, workshops, and other opportunities for attendees to practically explore a particular global issue in depth. Scheduled for November 5th with its thematic focus on refugees, the Summit will coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Canadian Federal Government’s commitment to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees, making this a particularly timely initiative.

Objectives and Thematic Focus of the Summit

Allowing participants to examine contemporary issues from a multi-dimensional perspective the Summit facilitates dialogue which can lead to the promotion of social justice and equity. This year’s Summit seeks to create a space for open dialogue about refugees in the 21st century, while providing participants with tools to lead and engage with campus-based and local initiatives that facilitate the settlement and civic participation of refugees in Canada.

Canadians have been at the forefront of public discussions and response to the refugee crisis and continue to seek more opportunities to learn and engage with this issue. The Summit is interested in addressing a range of topics, which may include but are not limited to the following: major refugee flows in the 21st century; refugee settlement and/or resettlement in Canada; how Canadians have responded to human rights violations domestically and/or abroad; how foreign policy intersects with domestic conflicts to induce mass refugee flows; the evolution of Canadian immigration and refugee determination systems; intergenerational refugee experiences; and/or Canada’s role and/or responsibilities within the international refugee regime.

Summit Format and Session Requirements

The Summit is a one-day event consisting of speaker panels and discussion-oriented workshops. We welcome any individual or organization with experience relevant to the theme of the Summit to submit a proposal for one of the available workshop sessions. Submitting a proposal entails a full-day commitment to presenting the workshop session twice (see draft agenda below). The objective of these workshops is to provide an innovative and interactive space for participants to engage with a particular dimension of the issue of focus for this year’s Citizen Summit, which is Refugees in the 21st Century.

  • Workshops may consist of roundtable discussions, facilitated dialogues, or group activities.
  • There will be 2-4 simultaneous workshops occurring per workshop session slot, allowing participants to choose the workshops they wish to attend.
  • Workshop sessions can last no longer than 45 minutes and should be designed for an audience of 20-30 participants. The audience is likely to be composed mainly of university students from across Montreal, but may also include academics, and professionals, and other community members.
  • Workshop facilitators should be experienced and comfortable moderating respectful, engaging, and critical discussions with participants from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives.
  • A modest honorarium will be offered to all workshop presenters; the amount will be discussed with each presenter at a later stage. While individuals outside of the Montreal area are welcome to submit a proposal, please note that the Mosaic Institute cannot offer any additional funds for travel or accommodations.
Submission Guidelines

Proposals should be e-mailed by Friday September 23rd to Julien Renvoisé, Citizen Summit Coordinator at the following address: jr@mosaicinstitute.ca. All applicants will be contacted by October 5th with our decision, or with requests for further information regarding the proposed workshop.

Proposals should be in PDF format and include the following:

  • Full workshop title
  • Presenter(s) name(s), titles, affiliations, and primary contact information (phone and email).
  • A 200-300 word description of the proposed workshop session. This should include the topic(s) to be covered, the relevance to the theme of the Summit, the objectives of the workshop, the participatory methods being used, and any special space, equipment or material requests.
  • A short (150-200) word biography of each session moderator (a CV can be attached as a separate document if desired). Please ensure your bio demonstrates how you are well suited to facilitating the workshop being proposed.
  • Note: workshop proposals that are solely the presentation of an academic paper will not be considered.
Draft Agenda

9:30 – Registration, welcome and introduction
10:00 – Plenary Panel Discussion I
11:00 – Break (view art displays and organization/club tables)
11:15 – Workshop Session I (Participants attend selected workshops)
12:00 – Lunch Break (view art displays and organization/club tables)
1:15 – Plenary Panel Discussion II
2:15 – Break (view art displays and organization/club tables)
2:30 – Workshop Session II (Participants attend selected workshops)
3:15 – Closing remarks, review of day, networking session