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Are you interested in peace? We are.

The UofMosaic Fellowship Program is an individual 2-year fellowship that supports the mission of the Mosaic Institute by bringing together students from across Canada to share, listen, learn, and act to end conflict.

We apply our Mosaic Model of Dialogue to invest in youth to become the next generation of leaders in:

  • inclusion
  • pluralism
  • intercultural understanding
  • critical thinking
  • openness
  • empathy
  • respectful dialogue
  • self-awareness
  • global citizenship
  • interpersonal conflict management

The Fellowship is comprised of four components:

  1. Professional development and leadership training focused on applying respectful dialogue and conflict resolution skills
  2. Campus dialogues to reduce polarization and conflict among students
  3. Research and publication opportunity for Fellows to be published
  4. Joint youth symposium with all Mosaic Institute youth program participants

If you have more questions or want to learn more about the UofMosaic Fellowship program, please contact our Program Coordinator, Olga Osmushina at

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Past Fellowship Activities

In 2018-19, the UofMosaic fellows brought together 20 fellows from 9 Canadian universities to Toronto in September, 2018 for an intense weekend of training and professional development to prepare them to tackle the issue of Intergenerational Prejudice. Fellows designed and implemented "Don’t Pass It Down: Resolving Intergenerational Prejudices"- a Matryoshka Doll Exhibit where participants were invited to share and display an intergenerational prejudice that has been passed down to them through their families and communities. The Exhibit was followed by a facilitated discussion on ways to counter intergenerational prejudices in our communities, and reached over 800 people across the country

In 2017-18, the UofMosaic fellows designed 18 Questions (18Qs) a tool to dismantle prejudice. They encouraged strangers to sit across from each other to get to know them better and beyond visual categories. Fellows believed that knowing someone who is not like you is the best way to open our minds to difference. 18Qs events were held across Canada in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in March, 2018 as part of the Fellowship. Upon receiving tremendous feedback from a variety of community members, The Mosaic Institute launched the 18Qs to a wider audience at The Walrus Live in June, 2018. The 18Qs have now been conducted in campus bars, restaurants, student union buildings, and in corporate training. Over 400 people have participated since the official launch and we look forward to bringing the experience to more.

In the 2016/2017 UofMosaic cohort, there were 38 fellows at 9 university campuses across Canada. In 2016, the Mosaic Institute also hosted its biennial Citizen Summit. This conference explored the theme of Contemporary Refugee Issues. The day-long conference brought students, academics, journalists, activists, diaspora members, community members, and artists into dialogue on important global social justice issues. The day included speakers, moderated discussions, workshops, and displays that explored the theme of the Summit in depth. The conference was highlighted by a keynote presentation by The Hon. Irwin Cotler. Other speakers such as Rania Younes and Dr. Anna Banerji provided the attendees with information and strategies on how to advance social and economic equity and justice for refugees and immigrants in Canada.

In the 2015/2016 cohort, there were 22 UofMosaic Fellows at 7 university campuses including University of Toronto, St. George Campus and the Scarborough Campus, York University, Ryerson University, McGill University, Concordia University, and Simon Fraser University. Fellows convened in the fall for a weekend of Leadership and Professional Development training, and worked together on planning their campus activities. The Fellows’ activities involved a range of themes including identity, migration, dispossession and displacement. The Fellows’ conducted a range of activities on campus such as dialogues, panel discussions, and arts and cultural activities that explored Indigenous issues and the refugee crisis. Over 10,000 students viewed the York Fellowship’s 4Days4Syria exhibit that raised over $3,500 in donations for Syrian refugees.

Since 2009,

the UofMosaic program, generously funded by the BMO Financial group, has activated youth to create lasting solutions for a more fair and just society by:

  • CULTIVATING THE SKILLSETS needed by young people to become leaders who navigate social problems with empathy and awareness;
  • PROVIDING A PLATFORM to resolve conflict through facilitated dialogue and collective action; and
  • BUILDING INCLUSIVE MINDSETS to advance pluralism in Canada and the world.

Meet our Fellows!

Alumni of the Fellowship are able to

  • BRIDGE THE GAPS BETWEEN DIFFERENT OPINIONS through strategic conversations designed to reduce conflict and bring people together
  • ADDRESS THE COMPLEX REALITIES of the social, cultural, and economic issues in the digital age and create solutions that include everyone

Past fellows are:

  • Pursuing graduate studies in areas such as political science, law, public health, international relations, and business at top universities in Canada and around the world, such as York University, McGill University, the University of Toronto, and Cambridge University
  • Completing Fellowships with international organizations, such as ASEAN, the UN, and the Fulbright Foundation
  • Members of student government
  • Members of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council
  • Employed in in the municipal, provincial, and federal public service
  • Employed in the not-for-profit sector

Generously supported by the BMO Financial Group,

The UofMosaic Program is generously funded by:: text