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The Next Generation program supports young people with the tools to dismantle prejudice and become leaders for a more just world.

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Fostering Agents of Change

Following the core curriculum, students have an opportunity to showcase their newly gained knowledge through the development and implementation of social action projects. These student-led initiatives are a way for participants to help others, build relationships and collaborate to have a material impact on dismantling prejudice in their school and in the broader community.

Whether it is learning about population history through the story of the Komagata Maru or analyzing socio-economic trends through shadeism, these students are engaging in critical conversations about what it means to be a young Canadian – developing ideas and skills they will carry with them through their high school experience and beyond.

Impact to Date

  • 79% increase in students feeling like they “have the ability to challenge unfairness and injustice, such as poverty and discrimination.”
  • 48% increase in students feeling like they can “have close personal friendships with people from ethnic, racial, or cultural communities other than my own.”
  • 23% increase in participants saying they would know how to use their privilege to support marginalized groups.
  • 19% increase in participants understanding the relationship between power and racism.
  • 17% increase in participants feeling themselves to be an active citizen in their community.

The Next Generation program is generously funded by the RBC Foundation