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What is Mosaic Stories?

Mosaic Stories is a way to showcase the stories of those who have lived the horrors of hatred and have wisdom we need to hear and human experiences we need to feel.

Six Mosaic Storytellers captivated an audience of 100 people on December 19th, 2017 through photos, text, video and spoken word. The combination was extraordinarily powerful.

The Mosaic Stories have generated an overwhelming interest. We are now embarking on creating a Living Book of Mosaic Stories, with Exhibit Experiences across the country.

Why is this important?

We are experiencing increasing instances of intolerance, fear, prejudice and racism. We need to take these warning signs seriously.

Stories help us understand and storytelling makes us feel. That’s why these Exhibit Experiences are so effective and important.

There are hundreds if not thousands of stories. We want to increase the number of Mosaic Stories and share them with the general public to capture their emotions, to dismantle their prejudicial frame of mind.

We want people to see and experience that our differences are the source of richness; they make us more interesting, stronger, and more prosperous.

New Beginnings uses the Mosaic Model of Dialogue to foster greater social cohesion and inter-community understanding among youth. These dialogues are community-driven and informed by diverse lived experiences. They offer our young people a forum through which they can work across community lines to identify common Canadian responses to their shared areas of conflict. In this way, they strengthen their attachment to each other as Canadians and global citizens.

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