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Through Our Eyes: Community Conversations

Focusing on anti-hate and anti-racism initiatives that bring people from ‘opposite sides’ together, Community Conversations is a free, unique community initiative that will educate, inspire, and inform about tangible ways to reduce the divisions that exist between us.

Through weekly prompts on social media, we invite you to discuss your experiences with hate and racism. Each week, we will focus on the racism and discrimination targetting different identities in order to provide a platform to discuss issues, encourage change and promote allyship within these communities.

Week One: Anti-Asian Racism


  • How do you think COVID-19 has impacted perceptions of the Asian community?
  • How has Asian portrayal in media changed throughout discussions of COVID-19?

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Anti-Asian Racism with Avvy Go

To learn more about the community response to the growing anti-Asian racism that has intensified amidst COVID-19, visit Fight COVID Racism, a website platform dedicated to tracking and reporting anti-Asian racism and xenophobia in Canada. This project aims to validate the spectrum of experiences felt across Asian Canadian communities and seeks to use the documentation to inform future efforts for collective action against anti-Asian racism and xenophobia. The Fight COVID Racism website is a collaboration between the Chinese Canadian National Council - Toronto Chapter; Chinese Canadian National Council Social Justice; Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic; and, Civic Engagement Network - Society of Canada

Week One: Anti-Black Racism


  • What do you think it would take for Anti-Black Racism to be defeated in the short or long term?
  • What do other communities need to know about your experience being Black in Ontario?

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Week Two: Islamophobia


  • Do you feel comfortable discussing your religious practice with your peers?
  • Have you ever adapted your behaviour to prevent an Islamophobic reaction?
  • Have you ever encountered an unexpected ally? What did they do that was helpful?

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The Mosque and Islamophobia in Canada "The Mosque" and Islamophobia in Canada Live Panel

Week Two: Anti-Indigenous Racism


  • Have you felt that others (primarily settler Canadians) have tried to impose an identity on you?
  • Have you felt that Canadian identity, past, and present excludes you?
  • Is there a version of Canadian identity that includes Indigenous peoples?

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Week Three: Discriminating Intersecting Identities


  • How do we ensure that multiculturalism is implemented into the LGBTQS+ community to avoid racial discrimination against ethnic members of the LGBTQS+ community?
  • How can we strengthen bonds and bridge gaps between the movement for LGBTQS+ equality and racial justice to further empower the Black LGBTQS+ community?

Week Three: Community Allyship

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About Mosaic Institute Events

The Mosaic Institute holds public events to raise the level of public discourse and public engagement on issues related to anti-hate, anti-racism, conflict, our responsibilities towards one another, and our legitimate expectations of one another.

Unlike other series, Mosaic events connect participants with speakers through audience participation. With a focus on speakers who embody our values of inclusion, pluralism, conflict resolution, respect for difference, and respectful dialogue, Mosaic brings together differing perspectives with the objective of providing a platform for unlikely allies to unite in their common goal of creating a better world.

This project is part of a series of dialogues, research, and action initiatives, on race relations in Ontario. For more information, see the series announcement here.