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Through Our Eyes: Community Conversations

Focusing on anti-hate and anti-racism initiatives that bring people from ‘opposite sides’ together, this free series is a unique community initiative that will educate, inspire, and inform about tangible ways to reduce the divisions that exist between us.

Community Conversations

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About Mosaic Institute Events

The Mosaic Institute holds public events to raise the level of public discourse and public engagement on issues related to anti-hate, anti-racism, conflict, our responsibilities towards one another, and our legitimate expectations of one another.

Unlike other series, Mosaic events connect participants with speakers through audience participation. With a focus on speakers who embody our values of inclusion, pluralism, conflict resolution, respect for difference, and respectful dialogue, Mosaic brings together differing perspectives with the objective of providing a platform for unlikely allies to unite in their common goal of creating a better world.

This project is part of a series of dialogues, research, and action initiatives, on race relations in Ontario. For more information, see the series announcement here.