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Behind Racism: Challenging the way we think

About the Project

In partnership with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Behind Racism: Challenging the Way We Think, will be a travelling bilingual public education exhibition and workshop series that enables communities across Canada to address racism, and by extension, other biases that prevent the full enjoyment of life in Canada by many individuals and communities that identify as, and identify with, our many racialized communities, ethno-cultural communities, and Indigenous Peoples. The exhibition and its accompanying programmes and educational activities will provide new information coming from researchers working on the latest psychological and neurological science discoveries into how our brains actually process our responses to the people and the communities around us. With the support of an Advisory Panel of scientific experts from leading research facilities, this exhibition will engage all members of the Canadian public with the scientific investigations into the nature of human bias, including the most recent research into both explicit and implicit acts of prejudice. This educational experience will open the door for local communities across Canada to launch longer-term activities aimed at mitigating the impacts of bias, prejudice and racism, finding ways to move ahead with a renewed focus on working together, whatever our background, celebrating our respective differences

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Exhibition Purpose Statement

To: raise awareness as Canadians as to how bias, prejudice and racism come about;

By: building an understanding of the underlying mechanisms behind it all -- the “how” of racism -- as well as the current state of racism in Canada, and the impact that this has on people through experiences that involve categorization, decision making, associations, experiments, storytelling and context.

So that: visitors gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their choices and the impact of those choices on others, and leave the exhibition with the belief that they can make changes in themselves and start conversations with others to challenge racism where it exists.

Travel Schedule

  1. Toronto: March 2021 TBD

  2. Vancouver: TBD

  3. Winnipeg: TBD

  4. Montreal: TBD

  5. Halifax: TBD

Our Partners

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