The Mosaic Team Wishes You Happy Holidays!


Chairman’s Greetings

Dear Mosaic Institute Community,

The year that is quickly coming to a close was an active and productive one for the Mosaic Institute. My special thanks to our Board, Advisory Council, donors and the Mosaic Team for your commitment and support–it would not have been possible without you. As we look forward to an impactful 2019, we would like to extend our best wishes and most heartfelt holiday greetings. 

In December of this year, we were pleased to announce Akaash Maharaj as our new CEO. Akaash brings a steadfast and personal dedication to Mosaic’s core mission and values. The entire Mosaic community is delighted to have Akaash on board as he brings his expertise and passion to our range of programs and initiatives. 

We look forward to sharing our successes with you in 2019.

Vahan Kololian,

Chairman and Co-Founder

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CEO’s Greetings

I am honoured to have joined the Mosaic Institute, and I believe passionately that its mandate is the calling of our time.

We live in a world too often riven by divisions, and held in the clutches of individuals who trade on our suspicions of anyone different from ourselves. Our Institute is built on a simple but defiant article of faith: that we are in fact stronger together not in spite of our differences, but precisely because of our differences.

Mosaic has had a distinguished first decade of achievements, and I feel certain that our best days are ahead of us.

I look forward to working with all of Mosaic’s members, volunteers, and partners, in 2019 and beyond, to press our shared mission into reality.

Akaash Maharaj,

Chief Executive Officer

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Next Generation Program Update

This year, the Mosaic Institute partnered with Havergal College to deliver our Next Generation programming to students aged 14-18. After our first day of programming, students increased their knowledge of prejudice and discrimination. Through experiential learning activities, students explored their identities and questioned how power and privilege operate in society.
We are excited to be in Stephen Leacock C.I. next year where we will be working with their grade 10 and 11 students to tackle prejudice and create social change.

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UofMosaic Fellowship Program Update

Our UofMosaic program started the 2018-2019 academic year after recruiting 21 undergraduate Fellows from campuses across Canada. The Fellowship commenced with a Professional Development weekend here in Toronto, where the Fellows learned skills in fields such as design thinking, social media campaigning, and leadership. They are now designing and implementing a national campaign aimed at addressing problems of intergenerational prejudice in our families and communities.

In August, we also had the pleasure of launching our Mosaic Alumni Network, bringing together all our past Fellows, interns and volunteers, building a strong network of passionate individuals committed to creating social change.

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Year in Review

2018 was an active year for the Mosaic Institute, where our range of programs and initiatives achieved new successes. Some of the highlights include:

  • The creation of the 18Qs, a social exercise designed by our UofMosaic Fellows on university campuses to encourage mutual understanding between different people. The 18Qs made their public debut at The Walrus Talks in June.
  • Our 2018 Peace Patron Dinner, where we honoured great Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky, O.C.
  • The Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary entered its second year; York University student Michelle Cobblah, studying Business and Politics, was this year’s awardee.
  • In collaboration with Hot Docs Cinema and the Zoryan Institute, we co-screened documentary film Intent to Destroy and hosted a panel discussion with filmmakers, scholars and community members about the lasting effects of post-genocide trauma.

For more highlights, read our recently released Annual Report.


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We thank all our friends and supporters.