Survivors’ Stories

New Beginnings: Survivors’ Stories


Many Canadians belong to various ethno-cultural/religious communities with painful connections to conflict. The Mosaic Institute’s report titled “The Perception and Reality of ‘Imported Conflict’ in Canada” highlights that we remain highly invested in such conflicts and continue to experience conflict-related trauma that often transcends generations. Such trauma can potentially act as a barrier to prevent us from participating fully in society or achieving success.

Additionally, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has formally concluded that Indigenous people in Canada have suffered genocide, while calling communities to act in order to achieve reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. We, at Mosaic, recognize the intersection of trans-generational with socio-economic barriers, and want to respond to this call by facilitating the creation of a cross-cultural action-oriented dialogue group


The Dialogue:

Using the “New Beginnings” model, “Survivors’ Stories” will bring together young people with familial or personal connections to genocide, including First Nations youth, to share their stories about living in Canada while also navigating this aspect of their identity. The perspectives shared will be developed into learning resources and toolkits aimed at strengthening intercultural understanding between these participant communities and Canadian society at large. In developing and sharing these resources, our goal is to reduce instances of exclusion that contribute to the socio-economic barriers often experienced by these communities.

This project will include Indigenous, Armenian, Rwandan, Jewish and Roma youth in a strategic dialogue about how to best create an organizational culture that accounts for diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and community knowledge from all of Canada’s peoples.

The Steering Committee:

We are bringing youth (age 18-35) together to form a Steering Committee who will spearhead the facilitation of cross-cultural exchange across communities, with the broader aim to strengthen Canadian social cohesion by fostering an inclusivity mindset. Click here to meet our Steering Committee members!


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