Next Generation

Next Generation is a dynamic initiative aimed at developing tomorrow's global citizens. We developed curriculum that allows high school students to see themselves reflected in their learning and practice their global citizenship: the two key pillars that help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of global priorities.

Student Led. Global Focus.

The Mosaic Institute is inspiring young Canadians to be global citizens. We are convinced that pluralism is a companion to peace rather than a challenge to it.

“Next Generation” is the Mosaic Institute’s dynamic initiative aimed at developing tomorrow’s global citizens. Through the support of the RBC Foundation, we have developed a curriculum allowing high school students to learn about global citizenship, and how their cultural background is a part of – not separate from – their Canadian identity.

Students are seeing themselves, often for the first time, reflected in their curriculum and engaging in courageous conversations about what it means to be a new – 1st-2nd -6th generation Canadian, and how conversations are different or the same depending on when they or their families arrived in Canada.

The “Next Generation” program consists of specialized workshops to help expand students’ understanding of the relationship between Canadian and global citizenship. Core workshops examine the experiences of aboriginal communities in Canada, explore Canada’s legacy of constructive international engagement, and highlight the contributions that different diaspora communities have made to Canada’s social fabric. Workshops also shed light on identity issues among Canadian students from diaspora communities, particularly in relation to inter-community tensions, and how global citizenship plays out on the world stage.


In addition to the workshops, students participate in the development and completion of “Community Service Projects” (CSPs) chosen to underscore the importance of tangible acts of local and global citizenship. Furthermore, under the “Next Generation” model, a number of community-based organizations are trained on delivering all or part of the curriculum to their own clients.

Our award-winning culturally relevant curriculum meets Ontario and British Columbia education standards through activities highlighting leadership, critical thinking, and respectful dialogue. Whether it is learning about population history through the story of the Komagata Maru or analyzing socio-economic trends through shadeism, these students are engaging in critical conversations about what it means to be a young Canadian of South Asian background – developing ideas and skills they will carry with them through their high school experience and beyond.

HAPPENING NOW: “Next Generation 2.0”

Next Generation is an evolving program, and continues to engage youth from diverse communities through promoting peace and respectful dialogue, bridging differences, leadership development, encouraging civic participation, and active global citizenship.This third iteration, currently being delivered in British Columbia, reflects changing global priorities, such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Due to the immense success of the first two iterations of Next Generation, in July 2015 the Mosaic Institute received increased funding from the RBC Foundation to develop curriculum focusing on the experience of young Canadians of East Asian background. This expansion will create two ‘streams’ of the program; one focusing on South Asia and one on East Asia.

Next Generation continues to be delivered in British Columbia and Ontario, working with and through partnerships with school boards. We have developed partnerships with Abbotsford school board in BC, and will deliver the programs there as well as in our previous sites of Vancouver and Toronto.

The South Asian stream of the program was delivered in Abbotsford, BC from February to May 2016 to the entire Grade 9 cohort of Rick Hansen S.S. This is the first time Next Generation has been a mandatory class, and it is a model additional schools are electing to adopt. We are thrilled that Next Generation continues to be recognized for its innovative approach to creating much-needed dialogue in school for high school students.

Most recently, we completed our East Asian focused curriculum at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and last fall to the students at Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute in Scarborough (TDSB).



We look forward to delivering our award-winning program this fall. Stay tuned for details.



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