Young Canadians’ Intra-Jewish Dialogue

New Beginnings uses the Mosaic Model of Dialogue to foster greater social cohesion and inter-community understanding among youth. These dialogues are community-driven and informed by diverse lived experiences. They offer our young people a forum through which they can work across community lines to identify common Canadian responses to their shared areas of conflict. In this way, they strengthen their attachment to each other as Canadians and global citizens.

New Beginnings: The Young Canadians’ Intra-Jewish Dialogue

The young adult members of Toronto’s Jewish community hold a wide diversity of perspectives regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including those on one end of the spectrum who are wholly supportive of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, and those on the other end who publicly criticize and dissociate themselves from such policies. Because of this range of views, there is increased polarization and discord between and among members of the Canadian Jewish community in relation to the ongoing conflict.

Regardless of their political views and perspectives, many young Jewish people in Toronto can agree on one thing: within their community, there are few available venues for the constructive and open exchange of differing, sincerely-held perspectives on the conflict that encourages connections across differences.

The Mosaic Institute’s Intra-Jewish Dialogue provides young Jewish Canadians with a guided platform to have constructive discussions about the conflict and other relevant issues in the Middle East today, build trust and respect with one another, foster mutual understanding, and work together on common strategies to help advance a pro-peace Canadian agenda.

The Dialogue:

Working with our dedicated Steering Committee of young Jewish people in Toronto, The Mosaic Institute will host three to five committed conversations on topics related to the conflict and other issues affecting Jewish communities in Canada. These discussions will follow Mosaic’s Model of Dialogue and will include academics, experts, community leaders and young professionals sharing their own individual stories, posing questions, and navigating discussions to bridge divides and bring this community together.

The series will conclude with a larger community-driven town hall event open to Jewish people and other individuals from diverse backgrounds. This event will share the learnings from the conversation series, provide an opportunity for the wider Canadian community to engage with these important topics, and present concrete peace-centred approaches to resolving conflict.

The Steering Committee members will share their insights with the wider community and relevant Canadian decision makers through a culminating community service project. This collaborative project will reflect and build on the conversation series, with the goal of creating a lasting positive impact on the Canadian Jewish community and improving the lives of those affected by conflict.

The Steering Committee:

Click here to meet the 2017 Intra-Jewish Dialogue Steering Committee!

Steering Committee Members 2014-2016: Brandon Crandall, Gabriel Granatstein, Jamie Levin, Josh Martow, Matt Gordner, Matthew Lipton, Spencer McMurray

Upcoming Events:

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Dialogue Sessions: What Are #JewishPriorities? Identity, Policy and Politics & The Canadian Jewry, and Intergenerational Jewish issues. These sessions will take place in the fall.

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