Areeb Qureshi & Shifa Tauqir

At the Mosaic Institute, our volunteers are at the core of our mission to harness Canada’s diversity for peace at home and abroad. In the case of our UofMosaic program for university students, we provide student volunteers with the necessary leadership and professional skills to facilitate constructive dialogue and build bridges of understanding across community divides, both on campus and in their everyday lives.

On December 18th, the UoMosaic presented Areeb Qureshi and Shifa Tauqir (pictured above) with our Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards. Areeb, a Seneca College student, is a member of the Mosaic Institute’s Student Advisory Committee. Shifa, a student at the University of Toronto, is both a member of the Student Advisory Committee and the President of the UofMosaic chapter on the St. George campus.

As volunteers, Areeb and Shifa dedicated countless hours to the delivery of the UofMosaic’s “In the Aftermath of War” discussion series and the 2014 Citizen Summit on Women & Armed Conflict. They were also active participants in our Peace Professional Development Program during the summer of 2014, as well as in a number of other UofMosaic projects. Both Areeb and Shifa are remarkable emerging student and community leaders whose commitment to the advancement of peace at home and abroad is an inspiration to all us at the Mosaic Institute.

The awarding of our Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards to Shifa and Areeb coincided with a small ceremony to celebrate them and all the other members of the Student Advisory Committee who had successfully completed our inaugural Peace Professional Development Program. Our congratulations- and our thanks- to Shifa, Areeb, and all other members of our Student Advisory Committee for their rich contributions they made to the Mosaic Institute throughout 2014.