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Have you met the UofMosaic Fellows at York University? Well you should, they’re amazing!

Our Fellows at York have partnered with York University’s Scott Library and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies to host a four-day event on campus to raise awareness of and funds for Syrian refugees.


The event, 4Days4Syria, runs from February 8th-11th, and will feature a variety of speakers and artwork that explores the current refugee crisis. Each day will showcase something different, and will address the trials and tribulations, as well as past experiences of refugees through the medium of artistic expression.


One of the goals of the event is to raise funds to support a sponsored Syrian family, and to benefit the organization RU Lifeline Syria Challenge. Funds will be generated through the sale of scarves, a silent auction and general monetary donations over the course of the event.


Come to York University’s Scott Library, for amazing art, memorable stories, and tasteful refreshments. All events take place from noon to 2 pm, in the Atrium, 2nd floor Scott Library.


Day 1: Monday Feb 8
Hajir Sharifi: Journalist, photographer and student
Human Rights & Equity Studies, York University


Day 2: Tuesday Feb 9
Secil Erdogan Ertorer: “Seeking Refuge in a Hostile Zone”
Rana Sukarieh: “Building Hope: the experience of Sociologists at York and Friends Sponsorship Group”
Department of Sociology, York University


Day 3: Wednesday Feb 10
Shadiya Aidid, Zeinab Aidid, Nasim Asgari and Kareem Bennett: Renowned Spoken Word Poets and students, York University


Day 4: Thursday Feb 11
Scarves, photos and more for Syria: a cheerful marketplace of items on sale for a good cause!


Additional information, including a Syrian Refugee Research Guide will be available on the York University Libraries’ website. Photography and a slideshow will be on display throughout the 4 days.