The Mosaic institute is pleased to welcome a number of new faces to its team over the summer. All of them will make important contributions to our program development, research, and communications work.

Rauf Azimov is working with us as our summer Project Officer. Rauf is a third-year Political Science student from the UofT who previously studied medicine in his home country of Azerbaijan.  Rauf joins us as our first-ever Maytree/Mosaic Intern.  He is supporting our Executive Director, John Monahan, on a number of program-related, operational and administrative issues.

Robin Jones is joining us as our 2014 S.M. Blair Family Foundation/“UofMosaic” Intern.  Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Robin is currently studying at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, and recently completed a research-related visit to Sri Lanka. Robin will be working alongside Jothi Shanmugam, our UofMosaic Program Manager, on the development of the 2014-2015 UofMosaic program across Canada.

Sam Wollenberg, our 2014 Munk School/Mosaic Intern, is contributing his research experience to help us plan future programs.  Sam is halfway through his Master of Global Affairs degree at the Munk School of Global Affairs. His main project this summer is to conduct an environmental scan and feasibility study for a new and exciting potential project on the Middle East in the coming year.

Lorenzo Vargas has re-joined the team on a short-term basis to provide us with support and advice regarding our marketing, communications & media relations strategies. Lorenzo previously worked with us as our UofMosaic Program Coordinator until he left in 2012 to complete his Masters in Communication at McGill.