BERNIE FARBER appointed as Executive Director
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The Mosaic Institute is very pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Bernie Farber.
Bernie is a native of Ottawa, Ontario and a graduate of Carleton University. Bernie has dedicated his professional life to advancing human and civil rights in Canada. Over the past three decades Bernie has worked tirelessly as a social commentator and a community builder, steadfastly bringing groups together from diverse populations to share their commonalities.
Bernie’s long-spanning career in the not-for-profit sector includes the role of CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress
(2005-2011) where he spearheaded multiple inter-faith initiatives and dialogues among diaspora groups in Canada including Rwandan genocide survivors and support for the Roma community. Most recently, Bernie has served as Senior Vice President of Gemini Power Corporation where he has been working in partnership with First Nations peoples towards economic development and community self-reliance in a way that respects both the environment and First Nations’ traditional values.
Bernie is a recipient of the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal, the Zaionz Award for Jewish Communal Service, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He has a number of published scholarly works, and has contributed to newspapers, radio and television as an expert commentator. “We are delighted that Bernie has agreed to take the helm of the Mosaic Institute, and to build upon the work of our former Executive Director, John Monahan. We look forward to the exciting days ahead,” said Vahan Kololian, Chairman of the Mosaic Institute.
Please join us in welcoming Bernie Farber to the Mosaic Institute.
For more information contact:
Wendy Sung-Aad
416-644-6000 (ext. 610)