Bursary Amount: $5,000

Deadline to Apply: Apr 3, 2019

James P. Muldoon Jr. was an independent scholar of
international affairs, who’s research and writing
focused on multilateral diplomacy, and global governance.
Affectionately known as Jim, he and his wife
Reeta Roy are great believers that every student
deserves equal opportunity to thrive and be the very
best they can be. As the former Vice-Chair of The
Mosaic Institute, Jim was keenly aware that one’s
socio-economic, cultural and ethnic identity could be
barriers in achieving all possibilities. 

In this spirit. we are pleased to present this bursary to
ensure that our unique differences have a real opportunity
to blossom.

The Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student whose field of study is related to the Institute’s mandate that brings people, communities and nations together.
BURSARY AMT:  $5,000.00           DEADLINE: 3 APR 2019

To apply, send in the application form, and a personal statement.