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Peace Patron Dinner 2016

On May 18th, 2016, at our annual Peace Patron Dinner, we paid tribute to an outstanding Canadian, the Hon Senator Murray Sinclair, as an Honorary Peace Patron in recognition of his exemplary life’s work in promoting peace and reconciliation. According to Justice Sinclair, “reconciliation is not an Aboriginal problem; it is a Canadian one.” The evening was also a celebration of Canada and the exceptional young Canadians that work with the Mosaic Institute to build a stronger Canada and a more peaceful world.

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The Peace Patron Dinner was a sold-out evening attended by nearly 500 guests. Presentations included Elder Fred Kelly, who opened the event with a Traditional Protocol and Spiritual Dish Ceremony, a video greeting from the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, addresses by Vahan Kololian, Founding Chair of the Mosaic Institute, Bernie M. Farber, its Executive Director and his Worship, Mayor John Tory. The evening culminated in a moving speech by Senator Sinclair, where he challenged all the attendees to look inside themselves with his truthful reflections on Canada’s historical treatment of Indigenous peoples. Senator Sinclair elaborated upon the true nature of reconciliation with his own unique brand of humility, which he explained as a continual process of forgiveness and understanding on a daily basis. One of the most powerful moments of the evening was Senator Sinclair calling on survivors of the residential school system and their descendants to stand and be identified by the audience. Among others, Elder Fred Kelly, Phil Fontaine, Roberta Jamieson, Dr. Cindy Blackstock along with over 20 Chiefs of First Nations and dozens of young Indigenous community leaders stood. Through his profoundly humanistic appeals, Senator Sinclair indicated that each and every one of us can make Canada a better country when we treat others different than us with respect, and strive to understand each other’s unique story and place in the world. Tribute - SS

Peace Patron Dinner 2015

On May 12, 2015, the Mosaic Institute hosted its first-ever Peace Patron Dinner. The event, held at the Toronto Region Board of Trade, was held in honour of The Honourable Louise Arbour, who was named the Mosaic Institute’s 2015 Peace Patron. The Peace Patron Dinner was a sold out event that attracted more than 300 people and raised almost $200,000 to support the work of the Mosaic Institute.

In selecting Madam Arbour as this year’s Peace Patron Award recipient, the Mosaic Institute chose to honour one of Canada’s most accomplished and respected “global citizens”. Whether working as a jurist, an academic, a senior UN official, or a human rights defender, the through-line of Madam Arbour’s career has been her quintessentially Canadian commitment to promoting equality, resolving conflict, strengthening democracy, and upholding the rule of law, both in Canada and across the globe. Her unrelenting willingness to do the right thing in the interest of peace – despite obstacles, critics, or fatigue – is an inspiration to all Canadians, and, in particular, to the generation of young Canadians involved in the work of the Mosaic Institute who will soon follow in her footsteps.

Madam Arbour’s remarks highlighted the pivotal role of civil society in promoting peace and justice around the world. She discussed the importance of creating societies based on respect for the rule of law that both uphold civil liberties and balance security concerns with an unwavering commitment to generating social and human development. Madam Arbour praised the work of the Mosaic Institute in creating opportunities for members of diaspora communities in Canada to build trust and work together with their fellow Canadians with connections to different sides of overseas conflicts, pointing out that understanding our perceived adversary’s point of view is fundamental for the construction of peace.

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