Findings of Focus Groups – Communities in Conflict

Participants for each of the groups were recruited through our professional recruitment partner TRN, using existing databases, supplemented by some tailored lists and, in a small number of cases, by a “snowball” approach where qualified participants recommend other potential candidates. (For more detailed information on the recruitment methods, see Appendix A). In each group, participants represented a mix of age groups and gender. In addition, each session included participants who were immigrants to Canada from the conflict region OR those with roots in or ties to the conflict region, but born in Canada. Given the nature of qualitative research, it should not be assumed that focus group participants are necessarily representative of the groups for which they have been recruited. While all participants were carefully and rigorously recruited to ensure that they met the established criteria for participation, findings from small groups of participants must be considered directional. In other words, the strength and scope of individual’s opinions expressed in these groups may not accurately reflect the distribution and diversity of perspectives in the wider Canadian public

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