In light of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report, their ‘calls to action’ and the wrongs of the Indian Residential Schools, the Mosaic Institute is collaborating with Professor David B. MacDonald of the University of Guelph on a study titled ‘Communities of Colour and Reconciliation in Canada.’ Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, this project involves accessing, surveying, and dialoguing with individuals living in the Greater Toronto Area who identify with the South Asian and/or the Caribbean communities. This project aims to ascertain their understandings and opinions about Canada’s ongoing reconciliation process with Indigenous peoples living in Canada.

Based on our Model of Dialogue, the project will conduct surveys to gauge what extent now, and to what extent in the future, diverse communities living in Canada can contribute to the reconciliation process, if at all. As Canada continues to grow in diversity, we hope to work with relatively new immigrants and second and third generation communities within the GTA, through an understanding of shared experiences of multiculturalism. We are interested in determining what impediments are currently present in Canada, that need to be overcome to allow for contributions to reconciliation to be possible.

For more information on the Principle Investigator of this Project, Professor David B. MacDonald, please visit his


With thanks to Keith Neuman at the Environics Institute for Survey Research for his assistance.