The Mosaic Institute is pleased to announce Michelle Cobblah as the recipient of the 2018 Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary Award.

Michelle is an outstanding student in her first-year of Business and Society studies at York University. Growing up in her native Ghana, she witnessed the injustice of a female cousin who was not afforded the same access to education as her male cousins. In response, she founded a small NGO to champion the right to education for girls. Michelle is particularly interested in exploring how large extraction corporations in Africa underplay their negative impacts on the environment and communities through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Michelle is an extremely passionate and motivated young person committed to ensuring respect for humanity and empathy for all people. While all the bursary applicants were exceptional, the committee selected Michelle for her outstanding humanity, authenticity, and her personal and emotional investment to bring forth a better world.

As the 2018 Mosaic-Muldoon Bursary Scholar, Michelle will receive $5,000 a year, for four years of support throughout her undergraduate studies.

The Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary Award was established as a tribute to James P. Muldoon Jr., the former VIce-Chair of the Mosaic Institute who passed away in 2016.

Michelle (left) receiving the Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary Award from Reeta Roy, wife of James P. Muldoon Jr.

2018 Bursary Award