Are you interested in difference?

We are. The Mosaic Institute believes that an equitable and thriving society is possible when different people experience themselves as valued members of society. We strive to demonstrative that our differences are not problems; they are the solution.

The UofMosaic Fellowship Program is the Mosaic Institute’s year-long, university campus-based initiative, which provides students the opportunity to create models that show how difference is the solution. With support from BMO Financial Group, the Mosaic Institute is working alongside students to reframe how they see each other and their role as Canadian and global citizens.

In the program year 2017-18, the UofMosaic fellows designed 18 Questions (18Qs) a tool to dismantle prejudice. They encouraged strangers to sit across from each other to get to know them better and beyond visual categories. Fellows believed that knowing someone who is not like you is the best way to open our minds to difference. 18Qs events were held across Canada in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in March, 2018 as part of the Fellowship. Upon receiving tremendous feedback from a variety of community members, The Mosaic Institute launched the 18Qs to a wider audience at The Walrus Live in June, 2018. The 18Qs have now been conducted in campus bars, restaurants and student union buildings. Over 400 people have participated since the official launch and we look forward to bringing the experience to more.

In the current program year, we brought together 20 fellows from 9 Canadian universities to Toronto in September, 2018 for an intense weekend of training and professional development. They are currently working on designing another national campaign that will target the problem of Intergenerational Prejudice as we believe that our although our prejudices do not form at birth but can often start inside our homes. As they work in collaboration to design and implement the campaign, we look forward to bringing it to you in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!

Applications for the 2019-2010 Fellowship will be opening in the spring. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter for updates.