MOSAIC IN CONVERSATION is a civil dialogue forum that provides insight and deeper understanding on social issues or challenges that we face here at home or abroad. Mosaic Conversations seeks to build bridges of understanding across public viewpoints and divides on challenging social topics.

Upcoming Conversations:

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Mosaic in Conversation Details

MOSAIC LIVE CONVERSATIONS are events that are accessible to the broader public. Live Conversations seeks to raise awareness and promote citizen engagement on topics and issues that concern us all.

MOSAIC COMMITTED CONVERSATIONS are intimate dialogue forums involving small, vested audiences whereby guests speak openly and share their perspective on the issues that affect their communities.

Mosaic in Conversation Ground Rules

Everyone participating in a Mosaic Conversation must observe the Mosaic Model of Dialogue that is simply predicated on Respect and Civility.

We encourage honest, passionate and vigorous dialogue, but it must be conducted with respect and civility.

We don’t have to agree with each other’s perspectives, but we will require all participants to hear one another, and engage with each other in a civil and respectful manner.

Previous Conversations