The Mosaic Institute works to create platforms for learning and dialogue among diverse Canadian communities to advance justice, promote peace and reduce conflict.

In this spirit, Mosaic in Conversation is an dialogue forum that will invite a guest to speak openly and share their perspectives about the issues that affect their communities.

Mosaic in Conversation provides an opportunity to gain insight and deeper understanding of significant social issues or challenges that we face here at home or abroad.

Upcoming Conversations:


Mosaic in Conversation Details

The audience will be made up of invitees from Mosaic’s Board, Advisory Council, Staff, Volunteers, Leadership Supporters, potential supporters and young Mosaicers.

Conversations will be held in individual sessions, or in a Series format revolving around an issue/social challenge.

Each Session will invite a different guest speaker to present their perspective on the issue at hand followed by a discussion with the audience.

Each speaker’s presentation will be recorded as part of the Mosaic Institute’s Podcast Series that will be uploaded and available to the public on Mosaic’s website.

An overview of the Series or Session will be published in a blog that will be digitally distributed.

Mosaic in Conversation Ground Rules

  • Engage in Respectful Dialogue
  • Keep it Confidential

Attending a Conversation

To ensure an intimate space, Mosaic in Conversation is an invitation-only event. However, a limited number of spaces are available to the public.

If you are interested in attending a Conversation, please email

In your message, please include:

  • Your First and Last names;
  • The Conversation you would like to attend; and
  • A brief note expressing why you are interested in that particular Conversation.

Please note: all requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.