This month, our latest cohort of UofMosaic Fellows present (Don’t) Pass It Down: Dismantling Intergenerational Prejudice, a social action campaign to be held on university campuses across the country. Many of us live with the daily reality of prejudice, but when do we examine the prejudices we hold within ourselves, our families and our communities? From March 12-14 we invite you to help us build our interactive art exhibit in which we ask the question: “Can you name one intergenerational prejudice that you have received?” Then, on March 15, we will hold a discussion event in which we reflect on the implications and realities of intergenerational prejudice, and ask ourselves, what comes next?

Events will be held across campuses in Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal and Vancouver this year.

Dates and times can be found on the following promotional posters.

You can RSVP to your closest event on our Facebook page!

Please join us in dismantling intergenerational prejudice!