Hadil Al-Fares is a student at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School (Vancouver School Board). Hadil is from Syria and moved to Vancouver 8 months ago. She presented this poem during the “Identity: Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination” workshop on Day 3 of the Next Generation: Canadian Global Citizenship Project. 



PEACE is just a 5 letter word, but it means a lot.

PEACE means to be alive.

PEACE means to have freedom to express your feelings and have

a voice that is heard.

PEACE means to get up in the morning and you know you will

see all your family laughing…not everyone worrying about your

little sister, whether she arrived at school or not.

PEACE means to think about your future instead of thinking about

whether you will be alive or die the next day

PEACE means to se the flowers instead of the blood of children when you are going to school.

PEACE means to see the birds in the sky and not to see the

planes fly to bomb the world.

PEACE means all countries help each other with only love and

we always need to be more hopeful about our world. Also, we need to pray for people who died and the people who are fighting now

for peace.

PEACE means to go to school to see your friends, not to hear that one of them died yesterday.

PEACE means to turn on the TV every morning to see the weather,

not to see your friend has died.

PEACE gives us a peaceful life.