The Mosaic Institute has the pleasure once again of welcoming interns this year. As part of our commitment in fostering leadership and development of young Canadians, interns play a vital role in supporting all aspects of the Institute’s work including: programs, research, development and administration. We’re pleased to introduce those who have joined us this summer.

Widya Fitri, is an international student completing her Master of Global Affairs at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Her previous work experience in policy, development, and diplomacy where she worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia will assist us in research and program development over the summer.

Nabeel Shaikh, is our 2017 Communication, Culture, Information & Technology Intern (CCIT) from the University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus). Nabeel brings a technology focused skill-set to the Institute this summer. An undergraduate student specializing in Digital Enterprise Management, Nabeel is interested in how technology can be applied for the betterment of humanity. We also acknowledge Matteo Aloi and Tariq Al Bashir, fourth year students from the CCIT program whom both worked simultaneously in supporting various aspects of the Mosaic’s communications and program work earlier this year.

Khurram Shamim, is our first Canada Summer Jobs Intern. Khurram is an undergraduate Political Science student at York University. Khurram will be supporting a number of initiatives including research based on his experiences as an immigrant from Pakistan and his knowledge about politics and minorities in Canada. Harman Dosanjh, another Canada Summer Jobs Intern, is a recent Political Science graduate at York University who will be starting her studies at Osgoode Hall Law School in the fall. Harman is interested in global conflict’s effects on borders and policy as it pertains to minority rights, immigration and socioeconomic inequality.

Akshay Sharma, our 2017 S.M. Blair Fellow, is a recent graduate from the Master of Global Affairs Program at the University of Toronto. Akshay hopes to build upon his experiences at the Mosaic Institute as an MGA intern last year, and enhance our array of initiatives with his interests in global peacebuilding, conflict reduction and regional diplomacy.

We also give thanks to our University of Toronto’s Peace, Conflict and Justice Interns, Timothy Law, Mercedes Fograssy and Arthur Liu for their dedicated commitment to the Mosaic Institute and their contributions to our work this year.

As we head into the summer, we wish all our summer interns a fruitful work experience at the Mosaic Institute.