Mosaic Stories

At a time where we are witness to the warning signs of rising prejudice and intolerance, showcasing how all Canadians are vital to our collective success is more important than ever.

Mosaic Stories brings to life the stories of 6 individuals who have endured the horrors of hatred and discrimination. An Armenian man, two Jewish women, a half-Hutu, half-Tutsi Rwandan, a Roma and an Inuit  – but they are each individually so much more than just these categories.

They are stories of anguish, courage, loss, fortitude and humanity.

Stories of how we live with the past and thrive in the present.

Stories of how our differences are not something to fear, but aspects of all of us to be cherished.

We acknowledge our funding partner, the Province of Ontario through the Ontario150 program, our venue partner Design Exchange and the Creative Director, Maya Bastian in helping us create this exhibit experience.

Mosaic Stories launched at the Design Exchange on December 19th, 2017.

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