November 27, 2017

The Niqab in Canada: Now What?

Panel Discussion and Public Conversation

It has been called oppressive, ultra-religious, a barrier, even a threat to public safety.

Niqab-wearing women in public get stared at, harassed and, at times, physically assaulted by total strangers. In the meantime, many Muslims vehemently oppose the
niqab and claim it is not a religious requirement, rather a cultural, patriarchal vestige from times gone by. Some politicians found in it the mother of all wedge issues.
No one is indifferent about the niqab.
Regardless, niqab-wearing women are in Canada – and they have rights.
What does the future hold for them?
Will they integrate?
Will they be accepted?

  • “My face, my life, my reality.” Aima Warriach, Ryerson student
  • “The niqab, legally speaking.” Faisal Bhabha, Associate professor, Osgoode Hall law School
  • “Now What?” Huda Bukhari, EC, The Arab Community Centre of Toronto
  • “Women’s clothing in a historical perspective.” Dr. Pamela Divinsky, Mosaic Institute
  • “It isnt innocuous, is it?” Alia Hogben, ED, Canadian Council of Muslim Women
  • Moderated by Raja Khouri, co-founder and first president, Canadian Arab Institute, and former Ontario human rights commissioner.

When: Monday November 27th, 6 pm

Where: Innis Town Hall Theater (2 Sussex Avenue Toronto)

Tickets: $5.00 (Click Here)

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