The Mosaic Institute is pleased to announce our new cohort of UofMosaic Fellows!

The UofMosaic Fellowship Program is the university campus-based initiative of the Mosaic Institute. Our dynamic program invests in student leaders who have a commitment and connection to global issues. Fellows receive specialized training and access to professional development opportunities, and work with other students to design initiatives that enable meaningful and peaceful exchanges of ideas on campus.

Fellows are selected from a pool of applicants from universities across Canada where the Institute is active. In 2016/2017, our Fellows come from 9 university campuses including:

Click here to read the incredible bios of our dynamic cohort of Fellows, whose interests range from Indigenous issues, to global environmental justice, to refugee advocacy. You can also read the bios of Fellows from specific campuses by clicking on the respective campuses above.

Our new Fellows are already busy planning their campus initiatives for the year. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events, blogs, and projects coming from our Fellows all across Canada!