Difference is the solution

The Mosaic Institute is a charitable not-for-profit organization founded in 2007. We are a national platform that amplifies the voices of Canada’s diverse communities.

We believe that an equitable and thriving society is made possible when different people experience themselves as valued members of society, which begins with being heard.

We strive to demonstrate that our differences are not problems; they do not need to be masked, ignored, or tolerated.

Instead, at The Mosaic Institute we believe that we need to engage with and leverage our differences, because our differences are in fact an important source for solutions to our shared social issues.

  • We host dialogues defined by respect.
  • We conduct research that is thoughtful and rigorous.
  • We create spaces for young people to learn, collaborate, and speak.
  • We showcase how diversity and difference can be a source for valuable solutions to social challenges at home and abroad.


The Mosaic Institute is a “think and do” tank that creates platforms for learning and dialogue among diverse Canadian communities to advance justice, promote peace, and reduce conflict.

2016-2018 Strategic Objectives:

  1. Programming: Scaling up our existing programs and adapting our dialogue model to work with a broader set of Canadian communities
  2. Research & Publications: Strengthening the research capacity of our organization
  3. Influence: Building the profile of the organization to highlight the impact of our work and influence meaningful change
  4. Participation and Accountability: Engaging target communities, young people, and stakeholders within the organization’s decision-making, planning and evaluation processes
  5. Resource Development: Broadening and diversifying our base of support to increase revenues and social capital for programs and services