On 17 June 2019, the Mosaic Institute presented
the 2019 Peace Patron Award to:

General (Ret’d) John de Chastelain, CC, CMM, CD, CH

From Left: Vahan Kololian, Mosaic Institute’s Co-founder and Chair, Her Honour, Elizabeth Dowdeswell , Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, General (Retired) John de Chastelain, 2019 Peace Patron, and Akaash Maharaj, the Mosaic Institute CEO

General de Chastelain has dedicated his life to promoting peace and security around the world. He has twice been appointed Chief of the Defence Staff by two Prime Ministers, and was Canada’s 17th Ambassador to the United States. As Chief of the Defence Staff, he led the Canadian Forces through the end of the Cold War. On retiring from the military, he was appointed to negotiate peace in Northern Ireland, and played a pivotal role in achieving peace and stability in the region.

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