A Poem: I Am From…

The I am From… series of poems featured here are from Conference Day 2 of the Next Generation: Canadian Global Citizenship Project Conference at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School (Vancouver School Board) held on October 26, 2016. The poems were written by students as part of the Stories We Share: Ancestral Voices and Family Histories workshop. 

Written by: Cole Isaac – Grade 12, 17 Years Old.


I Am From…

I am from a privileged society

Where pride has it’s own deity

Where race ruled race

And you could see the worth of a human by the colour of their face


Though the past was the past

Unfortunate decisions decided to last


I am from naive thoughts

And no effort to amend

Being sheltered as a child

Was my best friend


My name comes from white-skinned fables

Many good men who were ignorantly labeled

Born successful in social orientation

But consciously confused through negative connotation


Sometimes guilt trips me

I start losing vision

It’s like falling for stereotypes

Warped and worthless wisdom


I am from Vancouver culture

But because of my skin

I feel great guilt within

Shackles tied on others cause of white sin


So I write songs about freedom

That some may call clichéd kingdoms

I write

Being white doesn’t define what it means to be free